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pressing 't' in a task in Firefox moves to trash
In Firefox 67.0.1 on MacOS 10.14.5, when I start typing a task in checklist mode, when I enter any word that contains the letter 't', the website switches to the trash folder view instead of simply entering the letter 't'.

I try entering a checklist item called "start"

Expected behavior: It would enter the word "start" into the checklist item

Actual behavior: I press "s" and then when I press "t" it switches to the Trash view

Basically the keyboard shortcut for Trash is being incorrectly triggered during edit mode of a checklist item.
Hey there,

Thanks so much for reporting this issue. Have noted it down and will pass it to the dev team asap.
I am experiencing the same issue on Chrome OS 74.0.3729.159.
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