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Auto adjusting time frame for recurring tasks
Greetings friends,

I've been looking for a new app to take care of recurring tasks and ticktick seemed like a great candidate. However, I found that when I create a regularly recurring task, it doesn't seem to offer the option to adjust for lateness - that is, adjust the next date to fit the schedule. For instance, I'd like to be reminded to, say, water my plans once every 7 days, so it won't be helpful two water them on two consecutive days just because I was very late last week.

So, can ticktick handle that sort of thing? If so, what did I miss? Many thanks for any guidance you can give me!
Hey Jan,

Thanks for your support! Sorry I am a little confused about "water my plans once every 7 days". Could you plz elaborate on it? Thank you!
@Jan - I think maybe this might help you:
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