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Can I Duplicate a List on Android?
What I did: created a list of tasks I do repeatedly to use as a template. These tasks are NOT done according to a calendar (e.g. daily or weekly) but according to an event (e.g. client request). I turned on the Duplication Lab in Settings.

What I expected: I could duplicate this list (that is, use it as a template to create a checklist to use now) while using the web app or the Android app. There are times when I need to do these tasks while at my desk and while away.

What actually happened: I could duplicate the list on the web but could not find a method to do this on Android.

Am I missing something? If so, can you tell me how to duplicate lists on Android. If not, can we add this method/function to the Android app?

Hey Michael,

So sorry currently we do not support this on click duplicate feature on the mobile device. You may try to open this list > edit the multiple tasks > "..." > Duplicate.

We will feedback your request to the product team asap.
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