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Voice recorder in iPhone XR
Does the microphone work to add tasks?? I cannot add a task with my voice unless I use the iPhone’s native microphone. Why is it there at all?!!
Hey there,

So sorry about this issue! We have found some users are experiencing the same problem. The dev team has been looking into it.

Could you plz tell us which voice input language is set the in the application (if there is a problem, manually try to change it), and could you tell us what is the system language and system location setting respectively?
It is (and has always been) set to English. And, my iPhone is also set to USA English. No disconnect there. Thx
Hey there,

Thanks for your reply! One more thing we need you to offer us, could you plz go to "Settings" > " Task Quick Add" and send us your "Voice Input Language" settings.
It’s English.
What's up with this?
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