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Tasks are not shown in Week view on Windows

Tasks created with a due date or duration are not shown on weekly view, while they are shown in Month and Day view

Not reproducible on web app

Please let me know if this can be fixed asap as it makes calendar (a paid feature) on Windows useless
Hey Pavel,

Sorry for the issue! Could you plz tell us which list are the tasks in? All/Today/Tomorrow?

Do you mean the tasks you newly created turn normal but some previous ones have this issue?
they are in inbox. I didn't have any open tasks by yesterday, so can only say for the newly created tasks - they are not shown in week view
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us are these tasks set with a whole day or a time duration? All of them cannot be shown in the Weekly view, or just the tasks with a time duration?

Could you plz try adding a task to the Inbox in the Weekly calendar view and see if it is shown on it?
hi, double-checked and it's working now
will monitor for the future and report here if I spot recurrence of this bug
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