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Assigning pomodoros to habits
I want to make it a habit to read for a certain amount of time every day, I usually split things up into pomodoros. This is perfect because TickTick has a built in pomodoro feature. Problem is, I can only assign normal tasks to the pomodoro timer.
Can we make it possible to assign pomodoro timers to these habits?
This is a feature I would want for things like a habit of cleaning every monday for example too.
Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
This would be great for me as well. I love using the pomodoros to track what I'm doing and would be helpful to use to track how much time I spend on some of my habits that are more time-consuming tasks.
This feature would be great for me too.
I need this too, please! The only reason I don't use the Pomodoro or the Stopwatch very often is because I cannot track my time with my habits. I want to stop using the time tracker app I have in my phone and use TickTick for this too.
Same request here.
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