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Smart date not works
If I write jun 14 (due to help rules) in the topic of the task, nothing happened, it is remaining only as a text of topic and no date set up
Hey there,

Could you plz clarify the device you are using? For iOS or Android?
from site on Windows 10
Hey there,

Is it possible to reproduce the issue for us? Does the issue exist just recently or for a long time?

Could you plz tell us the windows app version number?
What is windows app? Windows app does not work at all (it hangs PC, see another my topic). I can reproduce if use from web version. Reproduced stable when editing the existing task. For new task looks it is working.
Will you follow this issue?
Hey there!

Sorry for the late reply. Could you plz reproduce it and send us a short video and we will look into it for you.
No, I can not. Why do you need a screenshot, if it is reproduced easily every time? Did you try? Edit any existing task trying to insert smart date.
Hey there,

Sorry for not putting it clearly. We want to know if you add june 14 in the Quick Add bar, if in the task description or the calendar view, it is designed not to work.

Btw, could you plz double check if the smart parsing is enabled in Settings > Preference > Smart Recognition? Also, when you typing the june 14, is it highlighted?
ahh.. it is working only in Quick Add bar??? why? why don't you enable it in edit task? all my topic I say that issue happens only when editing the existing task.
Hey there,

So sorry for not clearly noticing what you mentioned above. Your request has been noted down and we will pass it to the product team to see if it is possible to support in editing the task.
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