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Add tasks via email with pictures - Text dont show up

Since a few days/weeks a bug is appearing that is constant.
I use the "add task via email" feature as my way to forward mails into Ticktick.
If the mail contains text + a few pictures inside the mail, then all text disappears on the way.
In ticktick, the only thing I see is the headline of the mail and the pictures. The body text of the mail is gone. Very annoying for me, and this happened only recently.
Happy to share more info and screenshots if needed.

Kind regards, Mats (Premium user since many years)
Hi again. This becomes like a show stopper in my daily work so I really hope you guys are looking into this. Very easy te replicate, and as mentioned it has worked fine for many years, and something happened on your side a few days/weeks ago. Let me know if you need further info and screen shots, etc.. /Kind regards, Mats
Hey Mats,

Sorry for the late reply!

Yes, some screenshots would be more helpful. Could you plz send them to
you have mail

As requested in this thread.
Adding four screen shots attached.
Let me know if you need more info.

For now this service is useless to me.
I am forwarding basically all my work mails to ticktick and use ticktick to sort out and group them in order to keep track of everything.
So many mails do have a picture included. All that is needed is a logo in the signature file, and then that complete mail is lost. I only see the headline. Nothing else.
PLEASE PLEASE put prio on this. Many thanks!
Looking forward to hearing from you.
+1 Same problem here. Just email title and attached image appearing. The text is removed from the email sent to TickTick.
Hi Cadu. Good to hear I am not the only one with this issue. I got also confirmation from ticktick on my mail sent that are on it. /KR Mats
Same here
Hey guys,

Could you plz tell us the mailbox client you are using?
As already answered by e-mail, where I also attached screenshots of this problem.
I am using Microsoft Office Outlook. Problem occurs both when sending mail from the desktop client as well as through the web version
I have also tested to send the mail from my gmail and same problem also here
If there is any picture pasted within the body text of the mail, e.g. just a small picture in the singature file, then the complete body text is not transferred over to the inbox of ticktick. Only headline and the picture.
However if the mail is containing pure text, then the body text is intact and arrives in the inbox of ticktick
And also if the picture is attached as a file to the mail, then the body text is missing
I think this is very easy to replicate, at least on my side, and obsouisly for other users, so I really hope also the ticktick team can replicate this ASAP and fix it. Thanks.
Hey Mats,

Thanks so much for your clear explanation! The dev team has been looking into it and we will get it fixed asap.
Now seems to work. Thanks for the solution. Have a good day!
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