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Subscribe Calendar setting ticks off automatically
So, I am using the newest version of iOS on my iPhone XS and I bought the premium version of TickTick about a week ago. I have tried syncing my Apple calendar and Google Calendar to the app, separately from each other, and the syncing has worked. I can see every event (as supposed to) from my other calendars on the TickTick after subscribing them, but here comes the problem. The actual 'Subscribed Calendars' setting button ticks off automatically when the app is closed and even when the app is opened. It is totally random when it happens. What is the cause of this?
Hey Atte,

Sorry for the issue!

Do you mean the Subscribe Calendar button is disabled every time the app is closed or even opened?

Does the subscribed calendar events disappeared on the left sidebar?
Exactly, the button is disabled each time, and even during having the app opened. Also the events disappear from the calendar and the left sidebar.
Hey there,

Okay, I got you. Have passed it to the dev team and we will look into the issue asap

Btw, could you plz tell us the app version number?
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