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Comment @ not working consistently
Similar to operation time out issue the @mention feature works a couple of times then doesn't work.
Hey there,

Sorry, I am a little confused about the @mention feature, could you plz clarify the device app version number you are using and be more specific about the issue?

Could you plz try and see if possible to use it on other platforms? Thank you so much!
The @ mention feature does not work consistently on the web.

If I make a comment and use the @ and the names of the individuals I have shared the list with show up I select them and the @jon works. However, at times the list of people we have shared with does not show up and if I try to type out their names manually it just shows up as text.

This happens on the latest version of the web (under chrome & firefox) and it also happens on Android latest version as well. Note this behavior happens inconsistently. Every so often it will not work.
Hey Corvin,

Thanks for your clear explanation! Have passed it to the dev team and we will look into it asap.
Hi there! We're having the same issue on our end. Posted about this in a separate thread earlier this week:
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