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Different time on and laptop
When using ticktick on my laptop (in a browser), the time is off - when an alert is set for 8 am, the web reminder gives an alert at 7 am.

By comparison, when I use ticktick app on my android phone, the time is correct - when an alert is set for 8 am, the app gives an alert at 8 am.

I haven't changed time zones in between.
Hey Annina,

Could you plz tell us your browser version number?

Does it happen just recently?
I've used ticktick for about two months, noticed this only a couple of weeks ago (might have happened earlier, too, without me noticing though). Browser is Firefox, version 68.0b7 (haven't tested on any other browsers).
Hey Annina,

Could you plz have a test on other browsers OR login to TickTick in the incognito mode? See if it works normally?
Hi, tested on Opera (60.0.3255.151), the same problem. An alarm set for 13:30 was set off at 12:30.
Hey Annina,

Could you plz tell us where you are based in?
In Finland
Do you have any suggestions as to how I could start fixing this problem?
Hey Annina,

Sorry for missing out your last reply. Have noted your issue down to the web devs and we will look into it asap.
Thank you! I was previously using the beta-version of Firefox, but now I've used the stable, up-to-date version 67.0.4 (64-bit) for a while, and the same problem remains.
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