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Samsung Galaxy Watch
I just changed from Todoist to Tick Tick and wow I am amazed by the feature benefit set of
Tick Tick.

I have only one concern. Task notifications show up perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy watch
however no notifications show up on my new Galaxy Smart Watch.

Any suggestions?
Hey there,

So sorry that currently, we have stopped the maintenance of Android Watch recently, which may cause you some inconvenience.
notifications from all other apps show up on my watch as they appear on the android notification bar , the only app notification missing is TickTick, I don't think all other apps are configured for galaxy watch, there is a problem with TickTick notification system that is not working with watch
it would be great if you fix this issue, please please, please :)
I found a transient workaround in the setting
annoying alert: on
stick on status bar: off
alert mode : on
vibration :on
Notification grouping :on
also, make sure that Tick tick notifications are enabled in galaxy wear app
and Tada! you'll see tick tick notifications on your watch and even can mark them complete, but still no vibrations I hope they fix this issue.
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