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How to change the windows 10 desktop app to Premium
I have upgraded to Premium, but the app on the Windows desktop still tells me I am in trial period and I do hot have premium features. I have tried redownloading and installing but get the same result. Suggestions as to how I can correct this?
Hey Friar,

Sorry for the issue! Could you please go to the premium page in TickTick, scroll down to the bottom and tap the "restore" button?
Thank you. The problem is resolved.

I am new to TickTick from having used ToDoist, and am still getting oriented. I'm very happy with how much better integrated and streamlined TickTick is.

If I can grab this opportunity to ask:
Where does TickTick store its data? I ask this because even though I tick-off a to-do as done prior to its time, TickTick will remind me anyway. I have the app running on 5 devices (three Win10 and two iOS plus an Apple Watch). Each of them will remind me of the event despite its having been completed and each must be cleared independently. Do I have it configured incorrectly? Is there a work-around? Thanks.

I am finding this same issue and I cannot locate the "restore" button. Please advise

Thank you,
Hey Friar,

Currently, we do not have a perfect solution. You may have to set the notifications off in your different devices one by one. But I will pass this issue to the product team and see if we can add a feature as a work-around.
Hey jeff,

Could you be more specific about it? Do you mean you failed to restore the premium?
Hey Carol. Thanks for getting back to me and the candor concerning the problem. I will try your suggestion (thinking about it, I really don't need the reminders on anything other than the phone/watch). I'll keep an eye out for something a bit more elegant from the product team :)

FYI, I am encountering a glitch on the Windows version wherein when I try to set the frequency of a todo (say trying to change every 1 week to 2) or when attempting to change the minutes on a reminder time, the key input will not "take" until I fiddle with it a bit and I haven't figured out what I makes it finally accept the number.

Have I mentioned that this is the VERY best task reminder program I have tried? It IS. And I have tried a good many of them.
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