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Background app sync
Hi there,

I have realized that when I update the tasks in my TickTick from a web browser, it only syncs with the iPhone app only after I open the app, or if I leave it running in the background. For ex, if I set a reminder from the browser, in order for it to remind me from my phone, I need to leave the app running in the background or launch it manually. It does not sync when the app is not working in the background. Is this how it supposed to work? Because other social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. seems to be able to change badge notifications even when they are not running in the background.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have same problem too. Is there any decision?
Hey guys,

Currently only when the app is launched, can the syncing work smoothly. We have been aware of it and the devs are trying to improve it. For now manual syncing is a half-way solution, not perfect though.
The same problem.
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