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Allow setting repeating task on specific date more than 1 year away
Can you please add the functionality to set a repeating task on a specific date every x years. For example, I want to schedule a task on January 15th every other year. Thanks!
Hey TickNick,

This feature is available in TickTick. You can create a task on January 15th, enter "Date & Repeat" > "Repeat" > choose "Yearly" (January 15th).
Thanks Carol. But I don't think it's available. As mentioned above, I want to schedule the task on January 15th of every other year, not every year.

Can the devs add this functionality? Thanks!
Hey TickNick,

Thanks for the clear explanation! Will pass it to the product team and do an evaluation asap!
Thank you Carol!
From what I can tell, I don't think this works in the Android app either. Should I create a new help request in that topic cateogry, or will this little note get the job done?
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