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list drag and drop malfunctioning
I've recently started using TickTick, and as much as I love it, the Windows app is just insufferable. Let alone how slowly it loads and that I need to restart it 3 times before it synchornizes with my app version, but today I've encountered an issuse that's seriously bothering me. While creating a list with subtasks, it's impossible for me to drag and drop them to change their order. The app either freezes, or the subtask freezes between or on top other subtasks. Now one of the subtasks I wanted to drag and drop seems to be frozen in the corner of my screen (it's semi-transparent) and I can in no way get rid of it. Anyone else encountering issues with drag and dropping?
Hey Aleksander,

So sorry for the issue! Have you tried getting it updated to the latest version?
I checked for it and the app says I have the latest version!
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