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Location Reminder Not Firing
Hello Team,

I have tried multiple times and Location reminders are not working for me. I have checked and made sure of location permissions.

Please help.

Hey Amit,

Could you plz tell us the device you are using?
Hello Carol,

It's an iPhone XS.

Any updates?
Hey Amit,

Sorry for the issue, we wonder does the issue just exist for the location reminder?
Yes, only location reminders are not firing.
Hey there,

Thanks for your information. We have been working on enhancing the reminder feature and it is going to be rolled out in the next versions. Let us know if you have further questions after the updates.
Wait. No... other than location, my notifications are intermittent!!

Hello. I'm Trying to set a reminder that will sound an alarm every time I arrive at a place. I managed to set up correctly by placing the location, but instead of an audible alert, the feedback I get when I arrive. The place is just a vibration and not the ringtone that I had pre set up. What to do?
Hey there,

Sorry, this is currently how it works. The ringtone setting works for the regular task reminder.
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