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Avatars in shared lists
I have a shared list with colleagues and we use this to assign to-do's. In the web-app and iOS-app it is clear to whom a to-do is assigned since the avatar shown is the chosen avatar of the user, but in the windows app the avatars are all the same default avatar. This makes it very hard to determine who needs to do what in a glance. Is this a known issue and is there a fix for it?
Hey there,

Sorry that we currently do not support this, will pass your feedback to the product team and do an evaluation to see if to add more avatar choices.

The problem is not the number of avatars. It is that the same avatar is shown for every user instead of the avatar that user has chosen. This makes differentiating the tickets between different users difficult.
Hey there,

Thanks for your further explanation! Have updated your feedback with the product team.
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