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Bug on Recurring Tasks
Hello TickTick Team!

I'd like to report a bug that I've been having some issues. I have many recurring tasks, weekly, monthly and so on, and I am having problems when I need to skip one of the recurences. Let's suppose a task "Gym", when I need to skip once, I change the date to the following recurence after the skipped one, but when I do so it starts showing the same task twice on calendar, and if done again, shows 3 times the same task. The strange is that if I delete one of the extra recurence, all of them get deleted.
I hope I have explained well enough, if not, I'll try to be explain more, just ask.

Thanks in advance,
Hey Julio,

Thanks so much for your description.

Is it possible to reproduce the issues and send us some screenshots via
Sorry the delay,

Sure can, I'll be sending it soon.
Sent the screenshot to the e-mail. As you can see, like on Friday (21) at 14:00, that is just one task, but it appears 3 times. There is also 3 other tasks which this occurs.
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