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Please add postpone to web UI
I can postpone a task on Android, which is great as it does NOT change the next scheduled date. I can only pick another date in the web interface, which DOES change the next scheduled date.

Consider the following scenario:
- A task I have to do at the beginning of the sprint (consists of 6 subtasks) say thu may 23rd
- I go home and the task on the day, get past due
- I want to postpone that task on the web to be done on monday (for example) -- I can't do that on the web
- When I change the scheduled date to monday, it will assume the next thursday to be the first thursday to repeat, shifting the whole schedule up with one week

Postpone should be a standard option just like todoist. Picking another date will mess up the original cycle.

This feature has been asked in 2014, but I feel since then it has not gotten the care it needs, as postponing a task to keep it on it's regular projected kadence in the calendar is very important, especially with events that really need to keep a steady rhythm and cannot shift.

Hey jorgb,

Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
I'm shocked that this exists in Android, but not on Web and Windows.
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