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Deleting completed
Why can't I select multiple lines for deletion anymore?
Agreed, I can't see how I can delete multiple completed items anymore, have to delete individually
Er.... Not really an answer is it.. How about organising a fix?
Any chance that you can either provide an answer or change the selection method back to Microsoft style i.e. highlight first, hold shift button and highlight last to highlight all items in between?
Hey there,

So sorry about it! We currently do not support deleting multiple completed items in one click! You may batch click them and choose "Delete".
How do you batch cli k if not by the method I described? As I say, this method does not work on my version.... What else is batch click?
Hey there,

So sorry for my mistakes! There are some adjustments in this feature recently. Could you plz tell us the device you use for TickTick? iOS or Android?
I am talking about the Web version that I use on Windows 10....
Hey there,

So sorry for getting you wrong before. Currently, selecting multiple lines for deletion is not available, but I will pass your request to the product team and do an evaluation.
OK thanks but my point is it used to be there. Why would you take something like that away?
Hey there,

Sorry for my unclear response. There is actually no function icon of selecting multiple lines for deletion. But you can use the shortcuts via shift + option + command.
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