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slow performance on
after app has been loaded for a bit things start slowing down - when I click on a task or complete a task it doesn't respond for up to two seconds. Have you had any feedback like this? It just started and wasn't happening for this version since it was released until the last day or two.
Hey Troy,

Thanks for the feedback, have passed it to the dev team and we will look into it asap.
Hello, I've been an avid tick tick user since I first came across it in Feb.
Tick tick destop on Windows has been very laggy ever since the kanban update. Whatever I do, be it typing, clicking, creating new items, even positioning mouse cursor ... takes a couple of seconds to respond. When I type, it takes a couple of seconds for the letters to appear.

This has never happened before. All along ticktick has been normal (i.e. very responsive), like entering comments on this website.

The desktop lag is so bad that I'm driven to check off stuff on tick tick Android. Please please fix this asap.
Started getting a lot of lag as well on Windows Desktop. Reordering a list is painfully slow.
Hey there,

So sorry for the trouble. Have passed it to the dev team and we will get performance improved asap.
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