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Disappearing folders minutes after creation
Very strange behaviour with the TickTick Mac app. I created a folder, added lists to it, and in front of my eyes, the folder disappeared, leaving the lists behind. Thought I was going crazy so tried it four more times and the same bug kept happening. Will have to attempt to create folders on the web app until this is fixed.
Grr! Even more bizarre behaviour is occuring: I now created a folder on the Ticktick web app and it disappeared again! Showed up for five minutes, closed the tab and checked to see if it had synced with the TickTick Mac app. Did not show in the Mac app so went back to the Web app and it showed for a few seconds until it synced with the server and then DISAPPEARED AGAIN! Please fix this bizarre and annoying bug!
Well, I've spent more time than I thought possible trying to keep my lists in folders: I have TickTick on two Macs, my iPhone and my iPad. Everytime I recreate the folders on one device, the folders disappear on another device. I wish I could attach all of the screen shots I have taken to show the forum how crazy this has become. I've signed in an out and out and in. Abosolutely no luck. The database for my account seems to be corrupted!
Hey Yasmin,

So sorry for the trouble.
Yup, you can provide us some screenshots, videos or some detailed operation steps via
Thank you! It's gotten from worse to even worse - my emojis in my folder names are now refusing to sync and are being replaced with ????? symbols.
Emailed and attached screen shots but have not received an acknowledgement that Support received my email. Does TickTick Support not send out an automatic email response when an email is sent to the address? Very frustrating to not know if my problem has been queued or not.
Hey there,

Sorry for the late reply, will check the email asap.
Carol, it's been seven days since I first asked for support on my unsyncing folders and five days since you apologized for support not responding and told me you would "check the email asap". I have had ZERO response and my folders are not syncing correctly: completely disappeared on some of my devices. At what point should a premium customer lose patience with the lack of response from Ticktick? There is no point in having a help center if help is not offered.
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