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can't download jpg attachments in windows client
I upload a picture in the latest beta ios client and try to download it in the windows client. when i select the task in the windows client i see there is an attachment but it is just black/blank with a download or delete icon. It contains the correct size of the file but when i click to download it saves an empty file in my downloads folder. This has been happening for about a year on MANY versions of the windows client.
Hey Troy,

Could you plz go to the web client and see if the attachment can be downloaded, this is helpful for us to locate the issue. Thanks so much.

Btw, we wonder were you uploading the picture in cellular data?
This happens on wifi and cellular. It DOES work fine on the web client.
also - tried uploading pdf from windows client. I dragged file into task and it shows in red with an upload icon (why do I have to specify to upload it - isn't that assumed???).

When I click the upload icon, it disappears but the attachment stays highlighted red as if its not really uploaded. if I go to another task and return to that same task the upload icon is back. Looks like upload and download any attachments does not work for me in windows client (and I don't think it ever has worked for me). Do you have verification from others that it works well?

more info - when I manually sync the windows desktop the attachment disappeared totally from the task
through all of the upload from windows testing I just did I never saw any reference to the attachment in the web client
Hey Troy,

Could you plz send us some screenshots via
That would be helpful for us to locate the issue.
will do
this issue still exists in

I think the behavior got a little better.. if I attach a file to the windows client, it shows in the windows client, but it wont sync anywhere else.

Hey Troy,

Sorry for the issue, we will keep looking into it.
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