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Ticktick app freezing up past few days
Over the past 5 days or so notice that my Ticktick app on my android is malfunctioning. Screen keeps freezing. The other apps on my Samsung S7 appear to be functioning normally. I rely heavily on my ticktick app so this is really urgent.

Thank you
Hey there,

Could you plz try getting TickTick updated to the latest version, any other issues, feel free to ask.
I have had this problem since the last android operating system update in early April. Have tried everything and the only thing that resolves the issue is deleting the app from the phone. I loaded the app on an older motorola android phone and it worked fine without locking up. Is anyone on the development team working to resolve this issue? I find it hard to believe that I am the only one having the problem with the android phone system, but maybe everyone else is using ios. I tried an ios phone and the app worked fine, but ios is not a user friendly system, in my opinion. Guess I will have to not renew my subscription and try to find something else. Really hate to loose the app, but can't live with the phone constantly locking up. HELP
I am having this same issue on my Note 8! I have the latest update & uninstalled & reinstalled with no luck. Please help.
Hey guys,

Could you plz be more specific about the issue?

Is every task interaction(editing, deleting, creating, setting reminders) you made in the app going frozen?

Could you plz tell us which specific section does the issue exist in?
The calendar view? The smart lists? The search bar?

Or it is very slow when you scroll up and down?
Could you plz tell us how many tasks and lists do you have?

Just some feedback. I tried the solution proposed by Carol and it worked brilliantly. Resolved. Thank you for the responses.
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