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Scrollbar missing from Kanban lists on Mac
I'm using TickTick for Mac version 3.0.05 (94) and Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4. On the Mac app, if I have more tasks in a kanban lists than will fit on the screen, there is no scrollbar so I can't scroll down to see the other tasks. I've tried holding the down arrow and that doesn't work either.

On a web browser there is a scrollbar and I can scroll down. On the Mac app I've looked all over and it isn't anywhere. This means I can't use the Mac app as I can't see all my tasks on it. I don't understand why this wasn't picked up in the beta?

I'm also very disappointed to see that if you copy a list the kanban boards don't copy too. I wanted to use kanban to set up project templates the way I want, with headings, but it's no good if they don't copy.

Please fix these issues and tell me when you have so I can use the kanban feature, it's useless to me right now :(
Hey Annie,

Could you plz tell us how many tasks do you have on that list?
Hi Carol,

Anything over about five tasks causes this problem. There should be a scroll bar. It’s a huge oversight. Between this, the fact they don’t copy and the fact it’s not on iPhone, it’s been a massive letdown. Will it be on iPhone soon?
Hi Annie & Carol. I thought vertical scroll was missing too but then I realised if I just hover over the task list I can scroll using either the rolling wheel on my mouse or by using touchpad on Mac which is easier then using an actual scrollbar. Ive got about 33 tasks in one of my 5 columns and its working well. I'm using Mac OS 10.14.4 on a MacBook Pro. Hope this helps in someway.
I don't have a mouse with a rolling wheel, and can't figure out anything that works with the touchpad. It needs a scrollbar, this is a major oversight.
I just spent about 4 hours perfecting my project list and kanban that I planned to duplicate for each new client that books with me. I just duplicated it and checked out the kanban and it's not there! I was really hoping both the list and kanban board would be the same. Is there any update on if this is going to be looked into? I would really appreciate it!
You can’t duplicate the kanban - it’s so frustrating.
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