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Web version auto-scroll of list on date change not helpful

A new feature seems to be that when you change the date of a task on the web version, then the main list view auto-scrolls to its new position.

This seems like a good idea, except that I deal with my tasks in a date prioritised fashion and most often this means rescheduling the overdue task to the future. Now once I've changed the date of one (the selected one) I want to select the next overdue task but this isn't possible because it's now scrolled out of view.... usually to the future dated tasks which I don't need to deal with right now.

There is no need for me for the main task list to auto scroll to keep the current task in view. It is selected anyway so I can deal with it if I need to.

Is there any way to disable this autoscroll behaviour?
Hey James,

Got your points, we do some adjustments in this feature, the auto scroll function is going to be canceled in the new version we roll out today.
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