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Tick tick won't refund me
Tick tick team don't want to refund me, they ignored my emails till my subscription renewed so that they could refund me only the recent payment for the new subscription instead of the previous which is the one I was asking for.
Why would I ask for a refund after one year? Good question. Everything was working okay until tick tick deleted about 50 of my task from inbox, then they updated the app so that whenever I wrote in the shortcuts it wouldn't save. I emailed them about this and they ignored me. Then I asked for my full refund and then they finally ask me what was the issue.. I told them to read my previous emails that they ignored. Now they are playing stupid and whenever I ask for my refund they just ignore it and ask me "what's seems to be the problem with tick tick? Have you reinstall the app?" I guess they don't really want to refund me my money so this is just as a precaution that you can lose some of your tasks in tick tick. So be careful
Hey Erick,

Sorry for the late reply, we will contact you as soon as possible.
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