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iOS calendar widget doesn’t work
Not sure if this is a known issue? Am on an iPhone 7 using iOS 12.2 and TickTick version 5.0.11.

The tasks widget works fine but the calendar one doesn’t work - it says unable to load:
Hey Annie,

Sorry the link cannot be opened, could you plz send it again?
How about this:
Still not working even since TickTick was updated

Still no reply to this

What’s going on please
Still not working. This is unacceptable! It’s meant to be a premium feature but it hasn’t worked at all!
Hello? A reply this century would be nice
I have the same problem with Google Chrome on iPad Pro ( I use the web app due to the search facility on the iPad app is poor), even though I have set to show calendar in smart list, it does not show. I too have TickTick Premium
Hey there,

Sorry for the late reply! Have passed your issue to the dev team and we will look into it asap!
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