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Gmail 'Add to TickTick' Function
I'm trying to use this function for the first time (it appeared one day - presumably upon installing the chrome extension?). When I click the drop down button, it asks me to sign into TickTick. I enter in my account details and upon clicking 'Sign In' it clears my credentials and doesn't sign in. There is no message or anything.

I initially thought it my be due to my Chrome settings or something like that but I've checked everything I can think of there and there is no change.

Any ideas?
Hey Kris,

This is weird, could you plz tell us the Chrome version number you are using?
Btw, could you plz try reproducing the issue and send us some screenshots via That would be very helpful.
Hi Carol,
I am using Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit).

There's nothing to screenshot as it all it does is clear the credentials I enter. There's no message or anything.
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