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Calendar View Task Positioning Problem
Hi I would like to report the following issue :
When I create a task in calendar view by clicking and dragging(e.g. 12:00-13:00) following by another (13:00-14:00). The Tasks does not stack well in Mac OS App. It looks fine in web version though. Below are the screen shots:
Hey there,

Could you plz send us the screenshot again, when I click the URL you sent us, it shows the site cannot be opened.
Hi. Thank you for your reply. I have reupload the images to another site.
MacOS: task treated as overlapping tasks when ending time of first task is equal to the starting time of the other task.
Web version: no problem in layout
Hey rmc,

Sorry for that, we have found the issue and the dev team has been looking into it, will get it fixed in the following released versions.
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