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Add Safari web page to Ticktick
Sometimes I add web page on Safari to TickTick.
Todoist and Things supports Safari share feature on MacOS.
Why don't you support Safari share extension? like

I found same topic. sorry.

Hey dobiho,

Sorry, we currently do not support this on Safari desktop service. You can share it via the Chrome Extension by right click and add to TickTick.
@Carol, Thanks for your replay.
If TickTick supports Mac share menu, I'm happy to share on Safari and Mac.
I'm waiting for this feature. Thanks.
I imagine that a Safari share menu extension should be an easy addition.
Still no share extension...

This app is SLOW MOVING. Anyone have a better recommendation?
I use PopClip to share Safari links to Tick-tick. However, I do agree that a Tick-tick's share menu extension would be nice!!!
What everyone else said.
I have seen the request for a Mac share extension for more than three years here. Why is this difficult? I feel like the Mac app isn't as much of a focus for this development team. The apps across platforms don't match in terms of capabilities and experience. My iPad app is constantly crashing, not updating properly etc. Coming from Wunderlist, I found cross-platform usage seamless and am disappointed that, no matter how many times you suggest something to this team, you don't see implementation. It's a strong app but I'd like to see fewer features we don't request and more features we do request. Thanks.
If this does not change, I'm saying goodbye to TickTick. Such a simple and needed thing. It says a lot about how TickTick feels about the Mac community. Not promising for the future.
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