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Search SLOW. Does iOS native search make a round-trip to the moon?
iOS Search frequently is tens of seconds slow, or times out, on both my iPhone and iPad.

If I open your website on the same device and run the search on your WWW, in Firefox or Chrome the search results are usually instant to < 2 seconds.

Why the poor performance in native search? Very frustrating.
Hey Arian,

Could you plz tell us the TickTick version number and the system version of the devices you are using?
Ticktick 5.0.11 on iOS 12.2

Feels like there is a query on iOS native that has to run online and time out.
Hey Carol - search on the binary clients is just awful. 9 times out of ten it does not all, or is ungodly slow (and I suspect the two are related). on Win10: search doesn't work
iOS mobile on an iPhone XS newest app and iOS versions: slow as shit and often doesn't work
Android & Web: works fine

I have a top for example named "Top 3 whatever" and another using my wife's full name. Win10 and iOS either return no results, or display my entire list view. No matches at all.

Web search finds "top 3" and "mary" instantly, and android filters correctly as I type (updated Note 9).

This has been going on in the apps for a LONG time. Please fix.
Hey Arian,

Sorry for the trouble. This is a quite tricky issue that took longer than expected to fix on our end. We will try to resolve it and keep you informed soon.
Interestingly, it worked on my Win10 laptop perfectly but not on my Win10 desktop (which is far more powerful, and we have gig internet.

Is there some kind of remote query/sync/update status request going on in the background inline with the local search? It feels like there might be some kind of brittle call that is failing, but I haven't checked requests from the client to your service. Just wildly guessing.
So, search worked first thing this morning once or twice on my Win10 laptop, but as of 3pm search is no longer working in the Windows 10 client.

However, I went to web, and search worked perfectly. Exact same keywords.

I was searching for "watch"
Today I was using a search filter az: on Win10 and it worked at first, until I moved my mouse to a task. Then it disappeared. Then I retyped and after about 5 times the search applied and worked until I clicked on an entry. Then the filter un-applied and showed ALL tasks (filter still showed applied in the UI). Attempted to re-search/re-apply filter maybe 1-2 *dozen* times after this and it wouldn't apply the search filter. Finally gave up and went to web.

Would be nice to get the search issue figured out.

The searching issue on Windows client has been passed to the devs and we will look into it asap.
It's so bizarrely intermittent. Worked fine on my Win10 desktop this morning. I stopped using native on my Win10 laptop and run it in Firefox.

I got rid of my iPhone XS and replaced it with an Android. Search rarely worked on iOS.

Many thanks. I love TickTick and have sent you many users.
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