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Subtasks don’t show in custom smart lists on iOS but do on web
On the web, if I add a date to a subtask it shows in my custom smart lists.

On my iPhone (iOS 12.2, TickTick version 5.0.11) they don’t, even though I have ‘show subtasks’ ticked.

This is driving me mad because:

- I see different tasks in my custom smart lists depending on whether I look on iOS or web

- I am missing tasks

- I can’t use subtasks the way I want because I am worried I might miss them

I paid for premium largely because of the ability to put dates on subtasks. I don’t understand why they are behaving differently on web and iOS - this should be consistent on every platform. Either subtasks should always show in custom smart lists or not at all.

This link shows how the same custom smart list appears on web and iOS:

The tasks beginning with ‘Deadline for...’ are subtasks that show on the web and not iOS. The list should look the same on all platforms.

I assume this is a bug? Please fix it!

If it’s not a bug, then it’s a really bad decision that needs to be changed. This is a great app but this is really making it difficult to use because I need to be able to trust my lists and use them on iOS as well as other platforms.
They also don't show on the Mac app. Only on the web app.

It's not ok for this to be inconsistent, please make them show on all platforms as my lists should look the same on all platforms.
Hey Annie,

Sorry for the trouble. There might be a sync failure of the interaction.
It happens sometimes when the network's not stable enough.
After the network became stable, the same tasks were auto-synced back from mobile to computer.
We will have more tests on our end and see if there are any other serious factors that might have caused the issue.
Thanks - so should they be showing up everywhere?

Not sure what you mean about the delete action as I haven’t deleted these
Hey Annie,

Sorry about typing wrong. There sometimes exists syncing delay for certain interactions you made in one device.
May take a little bit longer time to sync completely. Sorry about that.
Ok I really don’t feel you’ve understood what I’m asking - a sync error cannot explain this.

I love this app but it is unbelievably frustrating having to explain each issue over and over before someone understands.

This is NOT A SYNC ISSUE. My problem is not that I add something on one device and it doesn’t show up elsewhere. You are misunderstanding. It is so frustrating and I don’t know what to do because I am paying for this service and nobody ever understands what I am asking.

My problem is that the same custom smart list settings pick up different things on iOS and web. If I add a dated subtask that meets the criteria for a smart list it shows up on web but not iOS.

Can you please give me a straight answer: should dated subtasks show up on custom smart lists on all platforms, yes or no?

If yes, you have a bug as they don’t.

If no, this is a poor decision and should be changed.


On web, my custom smart lists include some subtasks that meet the criteria to be shown in those custom smart lists.

On iOS they don’t show. I have ‘show subtasks’ checked but it says there aren’t any valid subtasks.

So at the moment the exact same list shows:
- 12 items on web including two dated subtasks
- 10 items on iOS not including the subtasks

Either this is a bug or a very bad decision by the developers. It is not a sync issue. Please help
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