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Disable Calendar "Click to show 0:00-07:00"?
In the calendar view, the times between 0:00-07:00 is automatically collapsed, and must be clicked to expand.

I am a morning person, so a good portion of my tasks are during the morning, so it would be nice to see them immediately upon opening the calendar view.

Is it possible to disable this so it is always expanded?
Hey Jesse,

Sorry currently we do not support this, but I have passed it to the product team and we will do an evaluation asap.
Hi Carol,

Thank you for forwarding this request to the team.
Looking forward to future updates.
I second this request, but for the opposite end. I'm a night owl, and it's a pain always having to click to expand the 9pm-midnight section of the calendar. It'd be great to be able to set it to open by default. Thanks!
Hi Kim,

Now you would be able to click open the hidden section>drag the other edge of the section and choose to hide the duration you want. Please try it out and see if it fits your needs.
It works, thank you!
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