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Gmail into Tick Tick
How do I turn an email into a Task ?

This was easy in Todoist
Hey guys,

I attach one user guide link below for your reference, hope it helps you!
It doesn't work for me... I've posted about it separately, but not sure who is listening.
It's great that the Gmail web add-in creates a link, but unfortunately that link doesn't work on mobile. So it seems there's no way to link to a Gmail email on mobile.

Previously, I was using Things, and for mobile, they had a plug-in for Spark email (which is excellent, BTW) and that worked to create and to look up a link.
Thanks guys, I thin this was the killing point.

Really an easy thing - use it for years in Todoist. They heavily emproved the extension so today you might directly add tasks from mail within Gmail.

But TickTick didn't release an update to the extension for five years. In IT 5 years are a very long time that brings plenty of new thins.

I cannot understand TickTick's philosophy at all. To be hyped is cool. But you also most continuosly deliver progress and innovation.

Sad, I think I stop my test at this very moment.
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