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Tick tick not recognizing my premium account - restore doesn't work
I've had premium subscription for about a month. This morning I couldn't access the calendar feature anymore on my macbook desktop app, my iphone mobile app and on the web. The app keeps showing me 'upgrade to premium' message even though I have it already. Really frustrating because I use the calendar function all day and this messes up my entire schedule. Restoring doesn't work and logging out and logging back in doesn't work. Please help! Thanks!
Hey June,

Could you plz tell us the date you purchased the monthly pro? No worries, you can send us your account email, we will look into it asap.
Hi, I purchases it on 4/6/2018 via itunes. I sent in a support request email with all the details but they just told me to restore my account again. It is really inconvenient to have the app restrict my calendar access even though I’m paying the premium fee. If this isn’t resolved in the next 2 days I’ll just have to go back to todoist. It was super reliable.
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