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One Task Created on Android not syncing with web
Using the Android app, I created 5 tasks and added them to a list yesterday. I was in a bad cell signal area, but it worked just fine in the app. They all appear in the app. When I logged into the web this morning I noticed that only 4 of them show up on the web. There are still 5 in the app.

I've tried reloading the web view and killing and restarting the android app. One task is still missing from the web.

I also tried adding a 6th item via the android app. That new one now shows up in both the web and the android app, but the one that was missing is still missing. I'm using android TickTick app v 5.0.1

Any idea what's causing this. It's concerning that a task might not make it to the web.

I just discovered a different task that is only showing up on the web. Android doesn't seem to see it.

There seems to be something very wrong between the web and android synchronization.
Hey Paul,

Sorry for the issue, could you plz login to the web in the incognito mode, which would get the updated data.

If not, could you plz tell us where did you create the 5 tasks and which list are they in, if possible, would you mind logging into the Windows app to see if it gets synced normally?
I've worked with your support team via email. They sent me on a wild goose chase trying multiple things similar to this. I don't have windows, so this isn't an option. After looking at other threads on this forum it's clear that unsynced tasks, out of date data showing up on one device and not others, and lost tasks have been an unresolved issue since 2017.

I can see how this app might work if you stick to only one app Android or web or windows, but not if you use two.

I would have preferred the support team had just admitted the issue instead of waisting my time.
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