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Persistent notification background color
Hey TickTick Team!

First of all, great piece of software you got there! I was faithful user of GTasks and Wunderlist back in the day, but TickTick just makes all I need in a bit more elegant and easy way.

I have one gripe though, the persistent notification on Android devices. You can change font color (default, black, white), and that's great, but the background is painfully white. I did not care with my old phone (Huawei P9) but since a switch to Note 9 I'm trying to utilize that sexy AMOLED screen as much as possible, so having the same options for the background (default, black, white) or an ability to choose would be really awesome!

I know that you're giving True Black theme for the Pro users, though I assume that's for the app itself and not the notification. If there is a way to achieve what I want, I'd be glad to know how :) If it's not and this is a feature you plan somewhere down the line (I hope!), I have but one request. Unlike many apps I've tested that were forcing users to pay for basic productivity features, you've been very reasonable with your choices in terms of what is free and what extra Pro offers. So please, if this is something that is in the pipeline, do not put that feature behind the paywall :)

Keep up the great work!

Kind regards,
Hey Michal,

Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
Ah, so it's not like I'm missing something, there is no way to change it :( That is sad.
Ok, it's been a while and I would like to know if you have any feedback on the issue reported. Recently you've released to free users true dark theme that I was hoping will fix this but sadly it didn't.
Hey Michał,

So sorry we currently have no plan to adjust it. The product team will re-evaluate it asap.
Hi Carol,

Well that's unfortunate..Adjusting font color makes no sense when the background is not changeable or does not adjust to system colors.
May I suggest you guys try a Chrome add-on called "deluminate"? I had the same problem and sorted it through it.
Hey Team,

I have the same issue as described above. Everything is with a "dark theme" on my phone except for the white permanent notification of TickTick.

Is there any chance of fixing that soon? (btw I also tried changing the font color with the hope the background will also change, but no luck there - it changed to the white font on white background)
Anyone out there? :-)
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