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Sync Issues
Reposting this because my first post wasn't answered.

"Hi there. I am having issues with one of my TickTick calendars that I have added into my Google calendar by url. When I create a reoccurring weekly task into TickTick, it shows the correct date in Google calendar for the 1st day. But, afterwards it shows that same task a day earlier for every week. How can I fix this?"
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us the browser version number you are using for TickTick?

Is the issue just for the recurring weekly task? Is it same with the monthly, yearly one? Could you plz have a try and any other issues feel free to contact.
It happens with weekly recurring tasks. I'm on Android, but the Google calendar shows the same error on desktop browser.
Hey there,

Could you plz tell us your Android system version number and TickTick version you are using?
Android: 8.0.0
TickTick: 5.0.1
Any updates?
Hey K,

Sorry for my late response. Have passed your issue to the dev team and they will look into it asap.
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