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Smart date parsing wrong (timezone issue? )
I created an entry for 9am and the smart date parsing set the reminder time to 10am. I am in UK so I am in BST timezone (GMT+1). This makes the smart date parsing useless if I then have to go back and correct the time manually.
Steps to reproduce in Android app v5.0.1
From the quick add plus button with smart date parsing enabled
1) Enter "Test wed 5pm" for task description
2) create the task

Task is created with reminder set for 6pm
Hey there,

We wonder if there is a switch to a different timezone of your device? Is every new task you created go wrong?

If possible, could you plz send us a video to reproduce the issue?
I am in the correct timezone which is GMT+01:00 British Summer Time

Video here:

I have tried a few combinations and found the following all work (i.e. correct reminder time is set)
tomorrow 4pm
today 4pm
1st June 4pm (before the end of DST for UK)

These DON'Twork and the reminder is off by 1 hour:
Friday 4pm (reminder is one hour ahead, 5pm)
1st Nov 4pm (after end of DST for UK - reminder is one hour BEHIND, 3pm)

Hope this helps
Hey there,

We have passed the issue to the dev team and we will look into it asap.
Hey there!

I'm having the exact same problem as Christopher. When you put Today/Tomorrow and a time, it shows correctly. I'm using it on my iPhone and I'm located in Los Angeles, CA (PST).

But if I today (Thursday) put lunch on Sunday at 1pm, it shows 2pm. Or if I put next Tuesday at 1pm, it shows 2pm. It seems everything after today and tomorrow, jumps 1 hour ahead. Tried on my wife's iPhone, same issues.

2 things that works (at least for me):

1. When I put the date instead of next Tuesday, in other words: Lunch June 4 at 1pm, it shows up correctly.

2. All variations, however I put them in, works fine from my Desktop version on my MacBook Pro.

Same here. I just raised a new feedback request.
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