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Custom order not retained

lately it happens a lot that the custom order of a list is not retained.

Please investigate

This issue persists. In between i found out, that the order is messed up when using MacApp and AndroidApp. When i add something with android everything is turned upside down. I cannot reproduce this all the time. Maybe it happens only when android app is not synced.

Reordering my lists with custom order is cumbersome. It happens a lot to me, since i am switching from Mac to Android often.

Please investigate
Hey there,

Is every task interaction(editing, deleting, creating, setting reminders) you made in xxx cannot be synced in yyy? Which list is the task belonging to?

Could you plz try manually refreshing it, if it still doesn't work, could you plz login to the web, do some interactions in other devices and see if it syncs normally?

May bother you offer us more detailed information, that would be helpful for us to locate the issue.
Hi Carol,

i tried to reproduce it manually, without success. For sure manual sync does not resolve the issue. And sync between web and mac version the issue is not visible. Only with my Android device.

From time to time Android does just reorder tasks, even when not editing, adding etc. The reordered list is without any pattern. It seems to me like random.

It seems that the sync interval combined with custom order is the problem.

I suggest, that you investigate and i will try to document it next time it happens.


Hey there!

Thanks for reporting the issue, have passed it to the devs and we will look into it.
This issue still happens a lot. Any news?
Still this issue persists. Sorting now also behaves weird on the mobile devices. You should have a good look at custom sorting, since it is a showstopper.
The situation is getting worse. Please fix this bug!
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