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[BUGREPORT] Postponing a task is affecting the scrolling bar!
Super annoying! When I am adjusting a specific day schedule, by postponing the tasks I will not be able to complete, Tick Tick keeps scrolling down the page to the new date I put on the last postponed task! Making me to have to go back, EVERYTIME, from various points on the screen to the place where I actually want to continue. I detest this BUG, super wast of time and breaks concentration.
Hey there,

Sorry for the trouble.

Could you plz tell us the devices, system version and software version number you are using for TickTick?

It would be more helpful if you can provide us some screenshots, videos via so much.

This problem, which is relative new, occurs on laptops, using Windows, at work, and at home (Windows 10 Enterprise at work, have to check the version at home, can't remember now), either using the Chrome APP (version, or on the login online, the problem is the same. On my IPhone when I postpone a task the Tick Tick list remain on the same position. On the laptop, as soon as I alter the date of a task, the main list (on the left of the screen) goes to the position of the new date I choose for the altered task, instead of remaining on the point I was analyzing, making me go back every time. This happens to most tasks, but not to all, on rare moments the list stay on the same position. Could not find a pattern to explain why some rare tasks will not show the same bug.
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