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How to add task via Google Assistant?
I used to be able to say "note to self ______" and as long as I chose TickTick, it would work fine. Google Assistant no longer allows user to choose app. Is there any way to get around this?

Note: I'm using Google Pixel 2
That is strange it seems to be working fine for me :? What I did is I said "note" and didn't say anything else. It displayed kind of a small input box to enter the text manually with cancel and confirm buttons. On the bottom left there was a round icon, when I clicked it I was able to pick Gmail or TickTick. Then by saying for example "note buy milk" it saves it to TickTick by default. To change it I had to say "note" again and use the round selector to pick something else. I don't know if that helps but this worked for me.
^ That doesn't work for me. (Pixel 2)
That sucks :( I was hoping I'll be able to help..

Also..that's first time something is not working on stock Android and does on branded one (Note 9) ;)
I appreciate the help.
Damn, Pixel 3 user here. I am actually struggling with this issue too. Just like you said, "note to self" didn't work anymore for a long time.

I tried a workaround. I used IFTTT and tried to send email to TickTick specific email address to add tasks into the inbox. I got everything set up right, but no luck, no idea why it just didn't send the email from IFTTT. I gave up that one too. Alas.

I just want to add simple tasks into TickTick, why is it so hard to talk to the Assistant for that. Google Assistant 2.0 is coming soon, and I'm still stuck with this dumb issue. ☹
^ Google Now/Assistant/whatever-it's-now-called gets less functional and helpful every day. Even basic things like, "Add milk to my grocery list" used to add milk to my Google Keep grocery list that my wife and I share. Now it just hides it in a shopping list with no app access.
TickTick developers - Is this something you could implement?...

The above link is for some kind of Todoist integration in Assistant. Maybe that is what we need.

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