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Can't Set repeat cicle anymore
Everything freezez if I try to set the repeat cycle for any task. What happens?
Could you plz tell us the devices, system version and software version number you are using for TickTick?

It would be more helpful if you can specify the case, provide us some screenshots, videos or some detailed operation steps via so much.
Same problem here. I'm using TickTick Web on Chrome in Windows 10. In the Note Pane, if I click the Date bar at the top, it brings down a menu where I can choose "Date" or "Duration." Under the "Date" tab, below the calendar, there are 3 options: i) "Set Time" ii) "Set Reminder" & iii) "Set Repeat." Clicking "Set Repeat" locks up the TickTick Web app, along with any other open tabs, including the "Help Center" page on which I am currently writing to you about this issue. Refreshing the page gets everything back to normal, but I've had to re-type this message 3 times because if you're not careful, the refresh erases everything you've written in the message box. My non-TickTick Chrome tabs are unaffected.

I can also set a task to repeat by right-clicking on it in the Task Pane (select "Date" / "Custom"). This is hit-or-miss--sometimes it works fine, but occasionally it too will lock up all my Chrome tabs.

No problems creating repeating tasks in my TickTick Android app.
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