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Ability to have multiple windows on Mac app
I'd love to be able to have multiple TickTick windows open on the Mac app so I can view multiple lists at once.

Thanks for the feedback, will pass them to the product team and do an evaluation soon.
I'm really looking forward to this feature as well
I am using Notes for my notes :-) and tick tick for ... you know what for :-) . I'm considering taking notes with tick tick as well and I'd like to have one tick tick window open for documents and another tick tick window for to-dos, calendar ... you know time management. Is like having just an all-in-one app but with two separate views: 1) notes 2) time mgmt....
Hi there,

Sorry that we currently do not have an immediate plan to support it yet, but I will pass your feature request to the product team for further evaluation.
I agree with this feature request. I found this thread looking for a way to have one Ticktick window open to view my calendar, and another ticktick window up to view my task lists.

The drag and drop functionality in ticktick is already great, allowing you to drag most type of files and photos. I hope this wouldn't be difficult to integrate drag and drop between two open TickTick windows. If I could drag tasks from the task lists onto the calendar to schedule them, it would be a game changer!
Would absolutely love this feature too, as I use Tick Tick to tell me what I should be doing and I use notes to plan my day out.
It is be supported suddenly on my mac! Just "copy task link" and that opens a second window within the desktop app for me! Very helpful.
I would love to see this feature in the near future as well.
Is this possible on windows? This would be extremely useful
Just tested it now and still not supported on the Mac. For the Windows App, you can open separate widgets (functions as separate windows) to view different list at the same time (i.e. on the same screen). This is one of the few times I see a better implementation of a feature on the Windows version of ANY apps that has both a Windows and a Mac version.

Hope the team will provide same functionality to the Mac App.

The "copy task link" method mentioned by an earlier commenter only allows a task to be opened in a separate window and not a list. Moreover this separate window is tied to the main window in that it disappears when another app other than TickTIck is the active window.
+1 This is something I have to find workarounds for.
Noted! Will add your votes to this feature request.
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