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Web interface problems
Hi Ticktick,

I'm running the web interface in Chrome.

I'd love to use more shortcut keys, but none of the Tab-combinations are working for me. It usually just ends up inserting the key-combo letter wherever the cursor is placed at that time, so it doesn't seem to catch the Tab keypress.

Another problem: dragging a task to a date on the Mini-calendar does NOT move the task to that date anymore.

Any help would be appreciated!
Hey there,

Sorry for the issue, have passed it to the dev team, we will get into it asap.
This is not getting better in the meantime.
Right now, I'm in the situation where I can't even set reminder times for my tasks anymore.

The Chrome dev console shows me this Javascript error, repeatedly occurring:

index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1 Sync failed: TypeError: Cannot read property 'trigger' of undefined
at index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at m (index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1)
at l (index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1)
at Object.c (index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1)
at Object.z (index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1)
at index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at (index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1)
at M (index.05dfd2a7669510557abd.js:1)

Please, please, suggest me a workaround or fix this soon...
Hey there,

We wonder if the issue that you cannot set the reminder time exist in every task?
I tried multiple tasks yesterday, and the time setting failed for all of them, yes.

I will keep an eye on it. The behavior is very variable - since yesterday afternoon I can set times again.

Hard page refreshes (shift + F5) did not fix the problem, although it sometimes feels as a caching issue?

Anyway - I'll keep you posted on further occurrences.
Another problem: dragging a task to a date on the Mini-calendar does NOT move the task to that date anymore.

Also have such problem
Hey there,

Sorry for the confusion. I'm afraid that this is not a bug, but how it's designed to work. Your feedback will be shared with the team and we will consider making some improvements to avoid more confusion in the future.
<_< This is absolutely a bug, what else would be the purpose of the mini calendar then?
I sorted tasks by dragging them to the mini calendar for a whole year, and it was (besides the Merge button) the main reason I switched from Todoist to TickTick since it made it so much easier to manage a great number of tasks.
I agree with Markus - dragging tasks to the minicalendar has always worked until a few weeks ago.
Please consider fixing the minicalendar behavior, it's one of Ticktick's selling points!

Hi Carol, can you clarify which issue you were referring to when you said "this is not a bug". Was it the original keyboard shortcut issue, or the secondary "can't drag tasks to mini-calendar" issue? If you are saying that the mini-calendar issue is not a bug, then I am absolutely dumbfounded! I agree with Markus Sockel that the dragging tasks to mini-calendar is key functionality that has been in place forever. Of course it is a bug!! Please give us an update!.
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