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Place notification incorrect
Place notification does not sound in the correct place. What should I do?

Ios 12.2 and Tick Tick are currently using version 5.0.11
Hey there,

It would be more helpful if you can specify the case with some detailed operation steps. Does it happen for every place notification?

Thanks so much.
The same thing happens in all positions.

Actually my position and the gps of app are more than 500 meters apart.
Hey there,

Sorry sometimes there is delaying of the system, could you plz check the radius you set?
Just drag the small dot on the circle and see it.
I have to grow the size of the circle to 680M, and my current position is in the circle.

Is it right to make a circle this big?
Isn't this a bad way to get this place to work?
It is too inaccurate compared to other APPs.
Hey there,

You can narrow the circle and this is going to be more accurate.
If you narrow the circle down to 680m or less, the gps position of the app is incorrect and the actual position cannot be set to the alarm.
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