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Custom sort order constantly changes without intervention

In one of my main lists, I frequently discover that my custom sort order has been rearranged with no action on my part. For example, items normally at the top of the list are suddenly at the bottom, newly-entered tasks appear at the bottom of the list, etc. I have not manually moved the order of any items, and I have not changed the sort setting from Manual to any other option. This is quite annoying as I use this list as my primary day-to-day list, and items are manually ordered by my priority, not by date or title. I use primarily the Mac version, but also have it on an Android phone.

I have this problem too. Super annoying. It has happened to me three times in the last hour or so.
The list that keeps rearranging... is it really long? I'm starting to think length is a common denominator.
For me, yes - this is a really long list. I keep one "Ongoing to do" list for general is quite large, between open and closed items. This is where I see this issue occur.
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