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Changing Date Issue
When I change the date (on desktop, not the app) of a task it then focuses on all of the tasks in the date that I changed the one task to. If I am reorganizing things this becomes and issue. This has been happening for about 3-5 days. How do I fix this?
Hey Demetra,

Could you plz tell us the devices, system version and software version number you are using for TickTick?

It would be more helpful if you can specify the case, provide us some screenshots, videos or some detailed operation steps via

Thanks so much.
I use it on my phone and computer. The issue only happens on my computer, which is a Microsoft Pro 3 with Windows 10. I normally use Opera but it also happens on Chrome. This is actually something that's been happening for only a week now. Beforehand I had no problem. I've been searching through Tick Tick's setting thinking that I accidentally changed something.
Hey Demetra,

Do you mind telling us the version number of Chrome?
Opera Version:58.0.3135.132 and Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103. Both are doing the same thing.
Hey Demetra,

You mentioned"it then focuses on all of the tasks in the date that I changed the one task to.", do you mean it jumps to the section grouping the tasks belonging to the changed date?

Yes I do. Sorry, sometimes I have difficulty describing what I mean.
Hey Demetra,

Never mind. Good news, we have done some adjustments in this feature in the latest version, it will not jump to the changed date section now.

Go check it. Thanks for your support.
How do I go about doing that?
Hey Demetra,

The new web version has rolled out, you can have a try.
Ok it doesn't have the issue anymore. Thank you. It was very tedious to have to go back up each time.
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